How to Nurture your Online Business During its First Year

| July 27, 2015

How to Nurture your Online Business During its First Year

Photo credit: Ryan Ritchie

Online business is booming. Everyone who has something to sell is looking to get in on the action. With so much competition in that sphere, it’s vital to find ways to stay ahead of the game. The first year of your business is very important. This is when it starts laying its roots, trying to establish itself. Taking the right steps here could lead to long lasting success.

Find your Target Audience

One of the greatest advantages of online marketing is that it can target a specific audience easily. That way, you can reach those people who’re most likely to buy your products directly.

To take advantage of this, you need to find your target audience carefully, understand where they are and what the demographic is like. For example, if you’re in the business of selling graphic t-shirts, your audience is more likely to be on the younger side of the age spectrum. You can target your marketing efforts in that direction.

Supply the Right Content

When it comes to online marketing; a lot depends on the quality of content you offer. If you deliver high quality, unique and fresh content regularly, you’re more likely to attract potential customers. Good content also gives you’re a level of authority, making your business look legitimate and trustworthy.

If your website has low quality content, it’s going to put people off and discourage customers. If you don’t publish content regularly, your existing customers might forget about you and you’ll lose ground with them.

Lend your Voice to your Content

It is important for your content to have a friendly, casual tone. Infuse your personality and your quirks into the content; you’ll appear approachable and personable to your audience.  People who read your content should feel like you’re directly speaking to them, instead of telling them. The best way to keep the content engaging and interesting is to let yourself talk through your words instead of trying to be perfect.

Don’t Forget the Mobile Platform

An increasing number of people are now shopping from their mobiles. Developing an app might seem like a hassle but it’s worth the expense. Apps will give mobile users better and easier access to your business.

Most people won’t bother to shop at your business first repeatedly, if they have to access it through the browser every time. Apps allows for better customer retention on the mobile platform. If you want your customers to make repeated purchases, its best to invest in an app.

Introduce Internet-Only Offers

Draw customers by introducing internet-only discounts and offers. You can have web coupons or contents. You can also have merchandise or services that are exclusively available on the internet.

By doing this, you’re building a brand for your online store as well. Many small business owners from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments consider an ecommerce website as just an extension. They don’t really see it as a standalone business opportunity that it can be.

There’s a lot of potential for expansion through online business as the risk involved is low in comparison to the potential benefits. It’s vital to pay due attention to your online business and nurture it properly.