7 ways your business can offer excellent customer service

| October 18, 2015

7 ways your business can offer excellent customer service

1. Your customers are your No. 1 priority

When you constantly think of how you can make your customers your No. 1 priority, they become just that! That’s right. Teach your staff to do what they can to make your patrons’ experience with your business satisfactory. Make sure that every interaction every customer has with your business is a pleasant one.

2. Maintain your calm

It is certainly not easy to handle an angry customer. However, it pays to remain calm and listen to what she is saying. It is not a good idea to act in defensive manner whey you are dealing with a person who is already upset. It may be that you are in the right and the customer is in the wrong, but when you rectify the situation as soon as you can, you show that yours is a matured business.

3. Try to feel as your customer is feeling

It may not be your fault that the order your customer placed a week before still hasn’t reached her. However, she is bound to feel upset. So as much as you can, place yourself in her shoes and instead of giving lengthy excuses, fix the problem as soon as you can.

4. Prompt responses mean a lot

That’s right. It is not uncommon for phone calls and emails made to a business to go unanswered for days. That’s not good customer service. Being quick and fast in responding to people’s queries create the image that you are a company that cares for its patrons. Returning enquiries within 1 business day is definitely going to help.

5. Listen

The best customer service people are those who are great at listening. When a customer calls, she usually wants someone to listen to her complaint and deal with it. Giving her the chance to speak and explain her problem is important. Don’t interrupt; instead listen efficiently.

6. Develop relationships

Customer service is not only applicable when a person has a problem and wants someone to fix it. It is also about developing relationships. Small touches like phone calls once in a while with your regular customers are a good way of ensuring their patronage.

7. Go the extra mile

Lastly, if you want to be known as a business that has superior customer service, make sure that you are ready to go the extra mile. Avoid pitfalls and anticipate problems that may occur so that your customers get what they want every time.