Content marketing for small business

| October 18, 2015

Content marketing for small business

So many business owners think that successful content marketing is exclusively the domain of the multinational brands who hold extraordinary marketing budgets. But there are plenty of ways for smaller companies with much smaller budgets can effectively create content that will drive traffic, and do it well.

Here are some examples of smaller brands doing incredible things with limited resources.


Pod Legal

Pod Legal is a Melbourne and Brisbane based IP, tech and social media law firm and the most un-lawyer-like lawyers you can probably find online. They cut the legalese and talk to their customers how it is. From the branding of their site to the fact that they consistently publish useful articles such as: “Who owns your social media contacts – you or your employer?”

What they’re doing by publishing articles like this is giving helpful information away to their audience for free. Most lawyers would get someone in for a consultation to address topics such as this, at a nominal fee. They don’t just stop at articles either – they publish snappy visual tips to their social media pages, produce e-books and even cartoons! This draws traffic to their site, improves their ranking in search engines and should any of their visitors eventually requrie legal assistance, they will be more likely to use them. Clever.


Old World Inn Napa

If you’re aware of Hilton’s push into ‘Youtility’ content strategy with their ‘Hilton Suggests’ campaign, then you’ll recognise this as the small hospitality business’ equivalent. The Old World Inn Napa takes to forums such as Tripadvisor and creates content around helpful travel information that serves all those travelling to Napa Valley (whether they are staying with them or not). They also pay close attention to the content on their website and blog so that if (when) readers do come to their site to check them out they can see that they really do care about the travel experience and are there to help. They even produce a ‘Local’s Guide’ to the area.


Robert Half

Australian recruitment company Robert Half has put huge efforts into their content strategy for a long time. They have, in fact, fully immersed themselves in content marketing with their microsite WorkLife, which covers information on making the most of both career and lifestyle elements. Showing that they care for more than just ‘putting people in roles’, they offer helpful advice for both those seeking work and those looking for new employees.

It’s obvious from Robert Half’s efforts that their marketing isn’t a second thought – they have committed to updating the site regularly and offer original insights into the HR industry regularly. They are focused on honing and developing relationships with customers first. So, who would you use to find your next employee? Obviously a company that cares about more than just commission.


Empire Australia by Spiegelworld

Burlesque meets cirque goes to the circus and throws a party. Sounds like it sells itself right? Wrong. When Empire landed in Australia they were virtually unknown. They poured their attention into their website, social media and onsite content production. The content produced was just as glitzy and captivating as the show and as a result, they sold tickets by the bucket load. The aim was to show the audience what they were getting (video, images, interviews) and to not to hide anything. Be brash, be out there, highlight the performers and make potential customers feel like they are part of the ride. And what a ride it is!

These are just a few examples of how content marketing for small business can be done effectively on any budget. It does take some time, planning and effort. But when done well, it can have a tremendous impact on your business and offers a huge return on your investment.