Bulk Load to Hotfrog

Here’s how to add multiple businesses to Hotfrog’s business directory!

Hotfrog allows you to bulk load business data in two different ways.  Either you can load the data via spreadsheet or you can use our newly developed bulk loading API.  The API is designed to specifically offload the tedious & time consuming process of importing large data sets.  The bulk loading API and supporting web interface allows you to upload, create and manage these jobs through an easy to user web interface, and receive notifications when these jobs are complete.  The Hotfrog bulk API is able to upload large sets of data from a .CSV file and database and can load thousands or even millions of records into Hotfrog with minimal effort.

Please contact us with your request and we’ll be in touch with our very competitive pricing to help you load and manage your data on Hotfrog.

Instructions to load via Spreadsheet

  1. Download Template
  2. Upload Completed Template
  3. Submit to Hotfrog for payment & upload
Instructions to load via API

  1. Contact Hotfrog via form
  2. Hotfrog will setup login credentials on our API
  3. Begin loading and managing your data


Complete the form and we’ll be in touch