How to Use Content Marketing to Define Your Company’s Brand

| December 3, 2015

How to Use Content Marketing to Define Your Company’s Brand

Almost everyone who is in business has heard of content marketing. In fact, you’ve probably used content marketing several times, creating blog posts, writing articles based on keywords, etc. What you might not know is that you can build a brand around your content. Now, this isn’t for everyone but if you can pull it off, you’ll achieve an enviable position of authority. Creating a brand based on content isn’t easy but will offer great rewards. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

What is it?

The first thing that comes to mind is -What is creating a brand around content? What does it mean for a business? The best example of a brand that built reputable content is Hubspot. It’s usually the go to site for marketing advice, statistics, and the like. KISSmetrics is also a great website for information on the same and it was established by a blogger. Both Hubspot and KISSmetrics offer services but they’re known for their high quality blog posts.

By creating excellent and informative content, they’ve made a name for themselves. Now, most people recognize them by their content rather than their services. You might wonder what the advantage of spending so much time and effort on high quality content might be. The answer is simple; Authority. Hubspot sells inbound marketing and sales software while KISSmetrics offers web analytics.

By offering informative content in their field of expertise, they build a reputation. If anyone wants to purchase inbound marketing or sales software, they might first look at Hubspot simply because they are the established authority in the field. Naturally, this also increases Google rankings.

You’re Not Promoting Your Brand

You should be utterly and completely selfless in this aspect of your business. It means that you simply can’t promote your brand, your company, and your products through your content; at least, not blatantly. An occasional mention of your brand can be forgiven, especially if you’re providing an example or quoting an incident, but constantly promoting your company would only compromise the authority of your content. If you handle the content right, they’ll do your marketing and promotion for you so you don’t need to insert your brand name into every post.

Focus on the Customer

The goal of content-based branding is to provide customers and everyone else with valuable, informative content. You need to be dedicated to that cause. You have to research and seek out the common problems and questions that customers have and provide valid answers to them. You can’t just pick a random topic, stuff it with keywords and consider it useful enough to be content worthy of branding.

This type of content is very customer or audience centric. In fact, most of the people who read it might not even be your customers. You have to divorce yourself from your marketing needs and focus on your audience’s needs when you write content here.

Aside from everything mentioned above, you should maintain a high level of quality in your posts. Your writers need to ensure that all the information is well researched and as accurate as it can be.