Why Do Well Funded Businesses Fail?

| January 15, 2016

Why Do Well Funded Businesses Fail?

A business can be started with very little funding today. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs started their businesses without a single dime in their pockets. You often hear stories about tech companies starting in garages and college dorms.

This has given the illusion that all companies can succeed without funding. That’s not really true. Successful companies have significant financial backing. It’s a general belief that the lack of funds compromises a business’s ability to survive. However, there are several other reasons too. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Not Getting the Timing Right

A lot rides on the timing of your business’ launch. If the market isn’t ready for the business, it’s very likely that the idea wouldn’t take off and you’ll be stuck with a failing business despite being well founded. YouTube is a perfect example of this. There had been video streaming websites before YouTube but it was this company that nailed the timing.

It was a period when the broadband internet had just been launched and normal people had access to faster internet. They didn’t have to wait for ages before the video loaded. Getting the timing right is absolutely vital when it comes to business. One of the best ways to do it is to study the market and see if the conditions are suitable to launch your product.

No Experience with the Industry

There are several business owners who try to venture into an industry that they have no experience in. For example, if you’ve been a teacher and decided to start a marketing business, there’s very little chance that you might succeed. You’ve have to spend considerable time and effort to understand the industry, to experience it first hand, to understand the procedures before trying to venture into it. Even with all that research, you’ll be competing with people who have experience with the industry. That might not work out well for you.

Not Hiring the Right People

Unless you’re a solo entrepreneur, your team is your most valuable asset. The strength of your business would rest largely on the strength of your team. That’s why it’s very important to recruit the right people into your team. If you have people that just aren’t committed to the company as you are and don’t contribute, it’s very likely that your business will fail.

That’s why it’s important to craft good hiring policies that would ensure that have the right support from the very beginning. You can hire a recruiting service to help you tackle the task.

Not asking for Help

This is one of the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs. Small business owners tend to take up all of the important tasks, whether they have time to do them or not. That’s a very bad habit to develop because that will only compromise the quality of your work. You need to delegate some tasks to employees.

If you keep these mistakes in mind, you might be able to avoid failure and ensure that all that funding isn’t lost.