Are You Chasing Away Great Employees?

| January 18, 2016

Are You Chasing Away Great Employees?

Some companies and businesses have a very high employee turnover rate. They’re forced to hire new employees often and just can’t seem to retain them. Sometimes, this is unavoidable. The nature of the job is such that people just can’t ensure it for long periods of time. An example of this would be working at the assembly line. That job is tedious and repetitive, which can chase away employees. However, some companies have no such excuse. In such cases, the management and the boss is responsible for the high turnover rate. So what might your managers be doing wrong.

Too Much Work

Assigning employees too much work will only make them resent you. You might think that you might mitigate the resentment with higher salaries or overtime pay, but money would lose its charm and allure if the employee is exhausted and doesn’t have time to do anything else outside work. You should keep the work hours reasonable and ensure that your employees are getting the rest and the freedom to personal life that they deserve.

No Acknowledgement or Reward

Everyone wants their hard work to be acknowledged. If your employees have done a good job, if they’re accomplished a goal and crossed an important milestone, it’s a good idea to let them know. If you acknowledge their work, they’ll know that their efforts are being appreciated. They’ll also know that they’re contributing to the growth of the company. It’s important that the employees feel that they’re a part of the company and acknowledging that work would do that.

Recruiting and Promoting Wrong Employees

Wrong or toxic employees can have a very bad effect on the overall work environment and culture. When you carry out recruitment, you should keep that fact in mind. Hiring a bad employee can affect the productivity and the quality of work of employees all around him. It gets worse if the employee is promoted above better employees. That’s a sure fire way to show your remaining employees that you don’t care about them or their thoughts on the matter. That would make them leave the company quickly.

Stifling the Employee’s Creativity

High performing employees are usually very creative, impulsive, and passionate. You need to acknowledge this and encourage their creativity, There are some business owners and managers that believe that creativity and passion would compromise productivity. They believe that employees will get distracted from their work if they’re allowed to pursue their own ideas and creativity. That’s not true. In fact, one of the biggest companies in the world, Google, encourage their employees to have side projects and pursue their ideas.

Failing to Provide Intellectual Stimulus

People like to be challenged. They want to be intellectually stimulated and feel the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve achieved something that was difficult to do. If you force your employees to do continuous and monotonous work, they’re eventually going to leave to find a job that would challenge and satisfy them.

If you want to retain your employees, you need to avoid these mistakes and create a healthy working environment for them.