Are you marketing to the Wrong People?

| January 15, 2016

Are you marketing to the Wrong People?

After reading the title, you might wonder whether there are any right or wrong people. After all, as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So there should be no such thing as wrong people when it comes to marketing, right? Wrong. In fact, there are several marketers who try to sell products to people who just won’t purchase them or have no need for them.

You might think that it doesn’t make a difference but every time you try to market a product to the wrong people, you’re taking time and money away from marketing to the right people. Here are some tips on how to avoid that.

Don’t Cast a Wide Net

One of the most common mistakes that marketers make is casting the net too wide. This means that you spread your marketing revenue thin to cover extra territory. That doesn’t work and would lead to fewer conversions than you expect. When you start planning your marketing efforts, look at your niche and your industry. You should spend some time and effort into understanding what kind of demographic you have before you start implementing your plans.

Don’t Invest In Generic Keywords

If you’re selling shoes, trying to bid on the keyword ‘shoes’ is nothing short of foolishness. You’ll end up competing with businesses all over the nation to get prospects and convert them. Being specific will go a long way to ensure that you get higher visibility on the SERPs’ and your ads are displayed to the right people.

Keywords like ‘Light brown suede shoes for men’ are much more effective. They target people who’re looking for a specific product. These are what we call long-tail keywords. It’s a good idea to spend a larger portion of your ad revenue on such keywords than on other, generic keywords.

Stick to Your Customer Demographic

In the first point, we mentioned figuring out what your niche is. This niche includes your customer demographic. The more specific you are, the higher your rate of conversions will be. For example, if you’re a financial institution that specializes in auto finance, you shouldn’t try to advertise to mortgage seekers. That’s just a waste of your resources and won’t lead to more customers. It’s a good idea to stick to your own customer demographic.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Older Customer

After you’ve spent so much time and effort on getting a new customer, why would you want to discard them? After all, isn’t a customer who’s already purchased a product a more valuable person to have in your corner? There are several marketers that aggressively pursue new customers but fail to properly engage older ones. Don’t fall into that trap. Keep your proven customers engaged. In fact, it’s a good idea to reward customer loyalty with special sales, offers, and discounts.

If you’re wise about where you spend your marketing efforts and revenue, you’ll see a higher ROI. So keep your marketing strategy tight and focused. It’ll be a better choice for your business.