What You Should Consider When You Choose a Business Partner

| February 19, 2016

What You Should Consider When You Choose a Business Partner

Small business owners often prefer to work alone. They want to maintain their autonomy and freedom. They’re usually people who take on too much responsibility and risk becoming stressed and anxious. In such cases, a business partner can offer unparalleled support. They will share the burden of leadership with you and ease your stress.

A business partner would also offer you a fresh perspective on how to run a business and ensure that you don’t take unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, if you don’t choose the right business partner, you can suffer considerable consequences. That’s why it’s important to consider the decision carefully. Here are some suggestions.

A Matter of Trust

Getting into a business partnership is akin to being married. You need to have a level of trust and respect for each other. You need to value the opinion of your partner and consider their suggestions seriously. If you don’t do that, there’s no point getting a business partner in the first place. It’s vital to choose someone you trust and have comfortable rapport with. You won’t be able to work smoothly with a partner that you can’t trust and one who can harm your business.

Skills and Knowledge

It’s a good idea to choose a partner who would compensate for your weaknesses. For example, if you don’t know anything about marketing and promotion but are an ace at product development, you need a partner that can handle marketing. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s a good idea to have someone in your corner that can counteract your weaknesses. You should also find someone who has some knowledge about your industry and your product. This is especially important if you haven’t worked in the industry before.


If you’re recruiting someone you don’t know, you need to consider their reputation in the industry. Most people will choose a business partner they’re familiar with. They would choose their friend or family member because they’re familiar and comfortable with them. There are some business owners who would take the gamble and choose someone they don’t know.

If you do that, you need to research them. You should browse their LinkedIn profile, ask your business associates about them, and consider their general reputation in the industry. Before sealing the deal, you should interview them and understand their capabilities. That would ensure that you make the right choice.

Communication and Responsibilities

It’s a good idea to establish a solid line of communication right at the beginning. You want to make sure that you and your business partners can communicate your ideas easily. You need to act as sounding boards for each other and that will only happen if you have proper communication.

You should also decide at the very beginning what your responsibilities would be. Often, business partners end up stomping on each other’s foot because they don’t understand their responsibilities. You should carefully consider your strengths and weaknesses and divide responsibilities accordingly. But just doing that isn’t enough; you also need to respect your partner’s position and responsibilities. You should encroach on their territory.