How to have the right answer – before the customer asks the question

| June 21, 2016

How to have the right answer – before the customer asks the question

Are your customers asking you the same few questions over and over again? And are you trotting out the same old answers?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

But you can’t blame them. If people keep asking the same questions, it’s probably because it’s too hard for them to find the answers by themselves.

Question your communication strategies

It might be helpful to ask yourself

  • What do I do to get relevant and helpful information to my customers?
  • What content do I have on my website? And is the basic stuff easy to find?
  • Is my product or service range clearly and simply explained?
  • Is the procedure for making a purchase easy to follow?
  • Do I regularly communicate with customers and prospects to keep them up to date about improvements or additions to my products or service?

If you’re not sure what your customers really want to know, try recording every question that comes in by phone or email for a week or two.

Then look for patterns. If the same things keep coming up, think about how you could make that information more readily available without them having to ask.

Or you could survey some of your loyal customers. Ask them what’s important to them when they buy from you, and what concerns them or is difficult to understand.

You need to think like a customer to get the right information out there.

Make the search easier for your customers

Once you have determined what your customers’ main concerns and queries are, you could

  • Create an E-book that answers frequently asked questions, or addresses common mistakes or misconceptions.
  • Enhance the information section of your website (if you don’t have one, perhaps you should). And make sure it’s easy to search.
  • Produce some “How to” brochures to hand out at point of sale – focus on frequently encountered problems, or ideas about better ways to use your product/service.
  • Run a webinar or workshop to educate your customers
  • Send a regular email newsletter with information that’s useful to your customers and relevant to your product. Make sure it’s focused on their needs – not yours.

If you become a trusted advisor and font of information, how much more likely are they to think of you next time they’re ready to buy?