The Best way to build strong, long-lasting business relationships

| July 19, 2016

The Best way to build strong, long-lasting business relationships

In the highly competitive market that current day businesses operate in, it’s become important to dedicate a certain amount of time & energy to build very solid and long-lasting business relationships.  This is an integral part of success, but many people just don’t seem to work hard at doing this. Lasting business relationships are a lot about dedicated and consistent work.

Ideally, your business network should consist of a selective group of qualified and experienced people you can count on, rely on for support and tap into for insight and direction. It’s also very important to strike the perfect balance between being a giver and taker- being just one, does not help.

A lot of people make the mistake of not asking for help when they really require it and that can be big mistake in a small business.

Things to Do

It’s very important to be selective and consistent and be actively engaged in the way you operate your business; that is the best way of finding a good workforce and forging professional bonds with them.  Take a look at how you can build strong relationships in the modern professional world:

• Authenticity

This is a very important aspect. Be who you are & very importantly, accept others the way they are. It’s not difficult to create a very false persona online when you initially connect with potential employees and clients. Identify companies & people who you think you can sync well with and find some common ground in terms of the way  in which you like to communicate and work

• Identify Shared Values & Goals

When you are working with people and companies, it’s not always possible to find ones that share the same goals as you. But shared values are a must and it’s important that you associate yourself with people who work sincerely, ethically and honestly

• Mutual Respect

This is one thing which isn’t going to develop overnight, unless someone has been referred to you via a trusted common friend or acquaintance. Over time, we prove ourselves through various experiences and activities. Ideally, you should join a community, professional group or a chamber, or even an online community. All of these are excellent environments to  forge professional  bonds

• Share A Certain Amount of Vulnerability

There will be times when you may have to support people through change, challenging situations and difficulties; in this respect, showing your vulnerability becomes a part and parcel of you authenticity. Use your presence  of mind and good judgement and share this only with a select  few.

In addition to all these things, let go of all expectation; never assume, have realistic expectations and keep an open mind. It’s important to accept people as they are and get rid of all preconceived notions. Very importantly, work hard to find trustworthy people and also ensure that your actions and words help build trust- this is one of the best ways of build solid and long-lasting relationships.