Is Your Website Failing to Serve Its Purpose?

| August 2, 2016

Is Your Website Failing to Serve Its Purpose?

Every business needs a website. Without it, they can’t stay ahead of the competition and reach target audiences. A website is now the go-to place for potential customers to find out a little more about your brand and services and then hopefully, go on to make a purchase. If your website works well and everything is in place, your prospective customers will convert, and your revenue will grow.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get the formula just right and most people have low conversion rates and ROI, which defeats the purpose of having a business website. Here are some ways in which you can be sure your site performs well and provides returns on your investment.

Responsive Website

People browse the Internet and visit websites through various devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, smart TVs, etc. Your website should look impressive on all of these screens and for that, it needs responsive design. This design ensures the website resizes and alters according to the screen size.

It doesn’t just make the site look great on all screens, but also ensures it’s easy to use. For example, on smaller mobile screens, you need to ensure the links are still clickable and there’s enough white space to allow people to comfortably scroll through the website.

Responsive websites ensure your prospective customers have a good user experience no matter which platform they access your website through. This is absolutely vital in today’s world. If you don’t make your website mobile friendly or responsive, you won’t rank high in search engines and get a good conversion rate.

Refine Your Landing Pages

A landing page, including the homepage, is the first thing a customer sees when they click on your link. These pages offer concise information on your products and services and encourage prospective customers to explore them further.

If they’re designed well, your customers will become curious about your company and products, and make purchases. However, if your landing pages aren’t designed well and don’t offer the most comprehensive information to customers, they’ll turn away and look at your competition.

Test Your CTA

The CTA button is one of the most important aspects of any page, because it prompts the prospective customer to purchase your product or subscribe to your website. Experienced marketers will tell you that even the smallest changes in the CTA button can lead to an increase in conversions. If you experience a low rate of conversions, you should A/B test your CTA button to check how your target audiences respond to different versions of it. You want your prospective customers to notice the button so you need to ensure it’s optimized for the website.

Most business owners want to cut expenses wherever they can and that’s understandable, but a website is worth a splurge. It becomes part of your company’s identity and brand so it needs to look great and perform well. A custom website would be tailored for your brand and help you get a high rate of conversion. It would also be responsive, well-designed, and a good representation of your company online.

Is your website not serving its purpose and generating you leads?

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