Have Business Cards become Obsolete?

| October 1, 2015

Have Business Cards become Obsolete?

In the age of the internet and smart phones, most people don’t need business cards to exchange contact details. They can simply send a message or an email with their company information and contact details to any new acquaintance. You might wonder why you should even bother to print business cards when the society seems to be past this old practice.

Is there any value to business cards today? Have they become obsolete? Here are some points to consider:

Society isn’t Past it

Nope, business cards are still relevant and would most likely continue to be for some time. It’s very convenient to simply reach into your wallet and hand all your contact details to a new acquaintance. You have all the information they might need written on the card, after all. Exchanging numbers then forwarding contact information to those numbers is actually more cumbersome.


Business cards have one major advantage over other possible modes of communicating contact details. They establish identity. Your name, you company’s name, and all other relevant information is clearly printed on the card. Most people also include company logos. This reinforces your identity and is a tangible reminder of your presence.

Increases Credibility  

You might not believe it but business cards add a level of respectability. This practice has been around since the 17th century and is almost always associated with professionalism. Printing a card has been the first step most young professionals take when they enter the workforce.


Business cards are also a form of advertising. As we mentioned before, they’re a tangible reminder of your presence. You can easily hand them over to people you meet, place them on supermarket bulletin boards, libraries, etc. These cards advertise your company and can be something that a person might pick up. For example, if you run a plumbing company, many people will pick up your card with the just in case thought in their mind. If they’re in need of your services, they’ll remember the card they picked up and give you a call.


Networking is a very essential part of building a business. You want to connect with new people, expand your sphere of influence, and get more clients. It pays to have a few extra cards always on hand. This is especially important if you attend networking events. If you have these cards with you, you can hand them out to anyone who might be interested in your business or services.

And they’re Convenient

These little things are super convenient. They’re light and several of them might fit into your wallet. They contain all the information that you might wish to convey, and you can easily carry them around. Moreover, they’re very affordable. You’re not spending a fortunate printing these cards so what’s the harm? With so many benefits and so little expense involved, it doesn’t seem like business cards are going to be out of business anytime soon.

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