Why Branding is So Important

| September 23, 2015

Why Branding is So Important

One of the most important aspects of marketing is branding. Branding establishes your business identity, ensures that your business sticks to your potential customer’s minds. It encompasses everything from the design and colours of your business, the company statement and ethics, to your reputation and yourself.

In this age of digital marketing, with the internet crowded with new names and companies, a brand is something you would definitely invest in and here’s why.


A strong brand identity makes you instantly recognisable to your audience. All big names have strong brand identities that are almost imprinted in the minds of people. For example, is you see a refrigerator with a very distinctive red colour and with white lettering, even without looking deeply at it, you might immediately assume it’s a refrigerator housing and advertising Coca-Cola.

If you cultivate your own brand, promote it to the hilt, more often than not, your business would be the first thing that comes to a potential customer’s mind.

This, of course, isn’t as easy as it sounds. For a potential costumer to recognize your brand, they need to be able to remember it. It is vital to make your brand memorable. You need to pick an impactful design, a good name and statement. Your brand would be more memorable if the design of your labels and symbols are great.


A solid brand gives your advertising coherency and direction. It gives you a common theme to work on. For example, if you’ve based a brand on the idea of super-fast delivery of products, that’s the common underlying theme of your advertising. Moreover, brands allow for more targeted advertising, allowing you to address niches directly.

It is important to establish an attribute or a quality that you want your company to be known by during the initial marketing efforts. For example, you need to forego generic statements about quality, trustworthiness and the like, and focus on something that truly makes you unique. A great example of this if Apple’s- ‘Think Different’ campaign.


An established brand inspires trust in potential customers. Since a brand lends a professional and sophisticated appearance to your business, most customers are more likely to trust your product or service. The visual appeal of your brand is vital to draw potential customers in. That trust is just what’s needed to propel your business forward. People generally just take seconds to judge a brand and if it doesn’t appeal to them, they won’t conduct business with you.

For example, which company would you rather trust to provide you a good service, one with an established reputation and identifiable brand or someone you haven’t even heard of?


A strong brand name gives the employees a sense that they’re a part of something big. You’re giving them something to be proud of, a company identity that they can easily proclaim to be a part of. This sense of pride might also inspire them to perform better. If your company has a brand, a vision and solid ethics, your employees have a common goal to strive for. A good brand can propel your small business to new heights.