What Kind of Facebook Audience Should You Target?

| February 4, 2016

What Kind of Facebook Audience Should You Target?

Facebook is a great marketing platform. There are nearly 1.55 billion active users on it. Facebook also offers a range of advertising options. You can use cost per click ads or cost per thousand impression ads to get the message about your product and company out there. The best thing about Facebook is the kind of targeting parameters it offers. You can create very accurate target profiles that would help you target your ads towards the best possible audience. So, what kind of parameters should you set and what kind of audience should you target?

Email Lists

Before you start looking for potential audiences elsewhere, you should look at what you have. If you have email ids of clients and subscribers, you can use it to target them with ads on Facebook. For example, say if you have a 100 email ids from subscribers to your blog, you can upload this list onto your website and target those audiences. After all, people log onto Facebook using their ids, don’t they? You need to upload the list and set those parameters on Facebook.

People who have subscribed to your blog or registered with your website have already expressed an interest in your company and products. The Facebook ads would just remind them of your presence. These audiences have a high rate of conversion as well, so your ads would be more effective.

Facebook Fans

Again, it’s a good idea to start working with what you have. If your Facebook page has likes and fans, it’s makes sense to target this people with your ads. They have already expressed an interest in your company and products. All you need to do is set the targeting parameters to people who like your content and will regularly interact with you. These people have a higher likelihood of converting as well.

Lookalike Audiences

This strategy is very effective but requires some research. Lookalike audiences are people who have expressed similar interests and preferences as people you’re already targeting. For example, if you’re a company that sells fabric, you might have fans who are interested in sewing, fashion design, bad making, etc. You can research the likes and preferences of these fans and set up a target audience according to these preferences. You now know the popular trends amongst your customers.

You can then seek out other people who like the same things and send your ads towards them. This lookalike strategy works very well for newly established businesses that don’t have a large target audience base. It’s a great place to start building audience for your product and getting more exposure.

People Who have Visited Your Website

You can also target prospects who have already visited your website. There are several strategies to use there. You would target people who visited a specific webpage that showcased a product with the product ad. You should target audiences to visited specific sections of your website, or the entire website. This strategy is highly effective and delivers great results.