5 Tips for making online business meetings a success

| September 29, 2015

5 Tips for making online business meetings a success

Video conferencing has become very common among businesses of all shapes and sizes.  The benefits of using online collaboration tools are being felt by not only big business honchos, but small businesses too are realising that they can help them cut costs.

Face-to-face meetings are expensive with money spent on travelling, hotel accommodations, transportation and rentals. Hosting a virtual event can get done at a fraction of the costs as it takes to arrange a face-to-face meeting. You basically get the same thing done for a lot less.

So how can you ensure that your online business meetings are a success?  Here are 5 tips to do so.

1. The online meeting should be easy to set up

This is the most essential thing, whether you are trying to win over a business client or want a sales meeting to happen with your own sales team, making sure that it is easy to do it is essential for success.

The collaboration software you use should not only be easily operated on all web browsers available, it should also be able to support all kinds of interactions including presentations, sharing, discussions, brainstorming and editing.

There should be features available that make it easy to record, re-use or archive the outputs of a particular meeting.

2. Make sure the meeting room looks nice

Appearance matters especially if you are having a video conference with an especially important client. That is the reason why the meeting room should look good. The better it looks; the better impression it has on your client.

It’s a good idea to put up the company logo, your business colours and other banners announcing promotional events right in the meeting room so that they can be seen by the person/s sitting on the other side of the screen.

In fact, if you want, you can easily create unique themes for your meeting room depending on the client you want to bag! It’s not expensive.

3. Desktop-sharing: A cool tool that will make video conference more engaging

When a business is having an online meeting of its team of staff, using desktop-sharing is a wonderful way of getting people more involved in the whole process. It is easy and it is a great way of giving more power to employees so that they can collaborate with ease.

Desktop-sharing basically lets people in the meeting look into the desktops of the other members and easily understand what is being discussed. It’s a good way of getting more engagement and feedback.

Good online collaboration tools are a must for every modern business. No matter whether yours is a small or medium-sized business, having such tools lets you get in touch with staff with ease no matter which part of the world they are in. Such tools are also a boon when conducting meetings with prospective and existing clients.

Online business meetings are easy to conduct as long as you have the right tools.