How to Get Your Customers to Promote Your Visibility

| March 4, 2016

How to Get Your Customers to Promote Your Visibility

We live in a world where communication is lightening fast and information is at everyone’s fingertips. Most companies are scrambling to ensure that their reputation is well-maintained and their customers are saying good things about them. They are more focused on customers that leave behind negative reviews than the customers who support their brand and like their product.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of this support. If you have a sizable customer base with people who are willing to communicate with you, you should utilize this opportunity. There are several ways to use the support of your customers to increase your visibility in the market. If you go about this the right way, you’ll get a wider customer base and generate more revenue. Here’s what you need to do:

Build a Relationship

If you want people in your corner, you need to build a good relationship with them. You can do that by communicating with them regularly. You can engage them on social media and send them regular newsletters to ensure that they become familiar with your company and your content. Building a positive relationship with your customers takes time and patience, but it can offer great rewards. A good relationship with your customers will ensure that they’re in your corner and will help you get more visibility.

Start Working on the Content

Once you’ve established a good relationship with your customers, you need to start focusing on the content. It’s not a good idea to post just anything that comes to your mind. You content needs to be impressive, informative, and well-written. You want to create something that would go viral and be distributed amongst different social media channels. To do that, you’ll have to spend some time creating good content.

If you post good content on a regular basis, your customers and followers will start sharing it amongst their connections. If you’re fortunate, you’ll create a piece that goes viral. This would drastically increase your visibility. Your customers will spread your name and influence everywhere by sharing your content. This only works if the content is excellent.

Ask them to Generate Content

Your customers can generate content as well. In fact, your campaign will be much more effective if they do. The opinion or a review of your customers will have a powerful sway over your prospects. You should encourage your supporters to voice their approval of their product and services on social media and other such channels. There are several kinds of customer generated content. Some of them are listed here:

  • Reviews and testimonials are the most powerful types of customer content. A significant portion of your prospective customers would make the buying decision based on customer reviews.
  • You can hold contests where you can ask your customers to take photographs or shot videos as they experience your product. You can choose different kinds of themes. You don’t really need to focus on the product. The intention is to generate interest and catch attention.

You can easily utilize the support of your customers to get the visibility you need. They’re an untapped resource that you shouldn’t ignore.