6 Tips for Training Employees in a Small Business

| August 25, 2015

6 Tips for Training Employees in a Small Business

Everyone knows that well trained employees mean cost savings and higher profits in the long term. But as a small business, getting a proper, structured training program for your employees may seem like an unnecessary luxury at times.

Here are a few tips to make employee training more accessible for your business.

Consistency Matters

Proper training is a lot about consistent attention across your company’s operations- it’s one of the best ways of ensuring that the effects will last for a longer time. Here are a few tips you can follow to train your small business employees:

  • Online Training Courses– Using online training courses eases the process. Of course, it will still be your responsibility  to explain all current & future  policies and goals  of your company, but some fundamentals  can be explained via online training courses
  • Better Performing Trainees as Trainers- As a small business, it’s possible for you to train the initial employees well. As your business expands and you bring new employees on board, use in-house SME’s to train the new recruits. This will help you save on  the expense  of hiring professional trainers
  • Setting Measurable Training Goals– Every aspect of your business needs a plan; ranging from regular staff meetings to interacting with clients. It also means you will have  to set training goals and ensure you have a plan in place  to measure them
  • Recognizing Generational Differences- There is a distinct possibility that your business will have employees of varying ages. The advantage of having a multigenerational workforce is that you get varied ideas and insights to work on, but it can also create a gap in your training efforts. The one way  to smooth the gap is  to have individual trainings
  • Encourage Learning- Encouragement and motivation goes a long way in making your employees enjoy the training sessions. Inculcate a love for learning in them and you will find  that the process is less riddled with potholes

Get your employees to attend at least a couple of business seminars a year. It’s a worthwhile investment that helps in keeping them interested in training. As you can see, training employees in a small business is a lot about planning and maintaining consistency; if you are able to do this, it will certainly bring in rich dividends.