Furniture Shopping Trends to Follow in 2020

| March 13, 2020

Furniture Shopping Trends to Follow in 2020

We’re always on the lookout for new trends that are being set. Be it fashion, beauty, health or anything else. So why the same should not be done for furniture. Your furniture, and hence the interior of your house, speaks volumes about your ownself. And you wouldn’t want to reflect something unlikable. 

If you too are looking to ramp up the interior of your house, then the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right furniture. And for that, what’s better than following the latest trends? Here are some of the latest furniture shopping trends that you can follow too.

Delve Into The Natural

One of the greatest trends being followed currently include furniture carved out of nature’s most exquisite materials. There are a great number of sustainable products that are designed from materials like wood, rattan and bamboo. These products add a whole other level of style and grace to your interior. All you need to do is choose the right items that fit well with the rest of your furniture.

Stay Neutral

Quirky colours and patterns are cool, but in 2020, the trendsetters have opted more of a neutral palette. With sober, subtle and decent colours that give off a men-inspired look, your furniture will be sure to be the centre of attraction for all your guests. What you can try with the neutral colours is different types of material and textures. Keep the patterns to a minimal and enjoy a classy look that just can’t go wrong.

Focus On Comfort

When having a laid back, relaxing day, what comes first is comfort, and then the aesthetics. And that is one of the greatest realizations that the 2020 furniture trends have brought about. Especially when considering the living room, opt for items that you feel are the most comfortable. It could be anything like an easy chair, fabric sofa, bean bag or even a comfortable footrest. Focus on putting together the most comfortable combination of items possible.

Jungle Mania

We have seen furniture and upholstery with a great number of patterns. But what new pattern does 2020 bring for us? Well, the trendsetters have declared jungle patterns to be the next best thing. Some may fear these patterns to be too bold and loud, but do not worry/ All you need to do is to pair these patterns with other neutral items, and the combination will be the perfect balance of minimalist design with a bolder outlook.

Functionality with Style 

As we advance further in the 21st century, we are finding how to incorporate multiple functions in a single item. And in 2020, the trend of multifunctional items has been brought to furniture as well. Dressers with extra storage, tables with dual functions. Sofas that can shift to beds and a lot more. Such items not only provide greater functionality but also allow consumers to save up on space. Which is perfect for small places. 

Dare To Be Different

We have all seen the classic shelves, and tables, upholstery and chairs that are nothing but traditional. But what really brings out the interior of your home is a unique piece of furniture. You do not need to furnish your entire house with such different designs. Just one or two are enough to do the job. They will suffice to add an element of the unique style that speaks volumes about your own fashion sense.

Keep It Cozy

Big and spacious rooms do not necessarily need to be furnished with great space in between. A cosy setup is often more preferred. Push the sofas together, add extra cushions, move the footrest for extra seating space and you will find that things do feel better when kept closer. Do not fear the extra space that is left unoccupied since that can always be utilized with other accessories to keep the balance.

Turn Up The Contrast

Who says you can feature either a light or a dark theme with your furniture? When you feel like you just can’t decide between the two, then all you need to do is mix things up. And if you are going with two different colour palettes make sure there is a higher colour contrast between the items. This enhanced contrast allows each item in the room to pop a lot more, and have a greater impact than it would in a monotonous room.

Get Your Canopy On

Canopy beds may be a thing of the past, but this season, trendsetters have brought them back to their furniture shopping lists. Canopy beds are not only intricately styled, but they allow you to add a greater level of grace to your bedroom. There are a lot of different types of beds out there, but the iconic canopy bed has simply managed to out style each one of them. Canopy beds are indeed ideal, but when placed in a spacious bedroom, they mount up to absolute perfection.

Handmade Frenzy

Factory-made items may be stitched and fabricated to ultimate precision, but the imperfection and flair of a handmade item are simply unmatched. They radiate an essence of their own which adds up to more than an assembly-line product. Trendsetters have found these handmade products to be the focus of their attention, adding more and more of these to their cosy and lively home spaces. Even just one or two of these can make all the difference.


We have discussed only a few of the many trends that we have seen in the furniture scene recently. If you find something that you like, then you know exactly what kind of changes to bring about in your living space. And if you didn’t, then do not worry. There is a lot more than the market has to offer. All trends start somewhere, and if you openly embrace your quirky and creative side, then that may be the next best trend. All you need to do is make sure you keep experimenting.