How do I Find the Best Dentist?

| October 2, 2015

How do I Find the Best Dentist?

Choosing the right dentist is no small matter, especially when you’ve moved into a new place and don’t know much about the dentists in your vicinity. Going to the dentist is uncomfortable enough, but the wrong practitioner can make the experience painful for you.

So how do you find the best dentist services, especially in a new place where you’re not yet well acquainted with your neighbours to ask for advice? Here are some tips.

1. Find a List of Practitioners

First and foremost, you need to find just how many practitioners have clinics in your vicinity. Local directories like Hotfrog will have the list of practices according to location. Just type in your search parameters and you’ll have your options in front of you. You can sort by most popular, find exactly where the practices are located on Google maps, or give them a call. All the information is provided in the directories.

2. Give them a Call

After you have the information needed, give them a call enquiring about their services. Ask what makes them stand out and what extra services they provide. You need to see if they’re an established practice or if they are new and haven’t done much work. You might also need to know their timings, their payment options, etc. Get as much information as possible during this first call.

3. Check the reviews

Today, reviews are quite standard and a cursory online search might reveal information about the different dentists you’ve shortlisted. Talking to the receptionist might have given you some idea, and reviews can complete the picture. If you find no reviews (good or bad), assume that their services aren’t bad enough to warrant a comment. In most cases, people who receive bad service will definitely post something online, but people who receive good services forget to.

4. Find out about their Hygiene Standards

If you can, find out how they clean their dental equipment. Most vigilant dentists will use autoclave treatment and ultrasonic baths to clean their instruments. This ensures that the equipment is as clean as possible and wouldn’t lead to any infections. If they don’t use either of these options, avoid these dentists.

5. Find out how they deal with nervous patients

How dentists deal with nervous patients is one of the biggest indicators of their competence and their experience. Most people are afraid of dentists and immediately become nervous when they enter the clinics. Modern day practitioners will do everything they can to soothe the patients and reduce their pain. However, if any particular dentist insists that the patient would just have to deal with it, it’s better to avoid them.

6. Observe the Office

Observe the office when your first visit to understand the hygiene standards observed by the practitioner. The office should look clean and have a clean dentist chair as well. Good dental practices always clean the chair after every patient.

You can find some great dentists on Hotfrog UK. Start looking by browsing through Dental Practice page. You’re sure to find someone that addresses your needs.