5 steps to using YouTube to promote your business

| October 20, 2015

5 steps to using YouTube to promote your business

YouTube can be used for much more than just watching cats crash into walls or play the piano. It can be quite the marketing tool thanks to the capabilities the system possesses. Anyone can make a video to demonstrate products or services, and these can be directly plugged in to your website in order to give potential customers more information regarding what your business does. Video can clearly define your business beyond the information you provide on your page.

1. The Video – Virtually any business can create videos based on the primary function of such. These videos could be in the form of “how-to”, demonstrations, or reviews of specific items you sell. If your business centers around childcare, provide videos on how to babyproof the home. If your business sells computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice, make a video reviewing one of those goods. The more informative your video is, the better it will perform. A well designed video could easily turn viewers into customers. And you don’t need a high-priced director to create a YouTube work of art.

2. Descriptions – When you upload a video, make sure you fill in the description with a short synopsis of what the video entails. You want it to be more than just a sentence, however. Provide a link in the description to your business website or the particular information you wish to share for viewers to click on to learn more. These links work surprisingly well and you can see how much of an impact they make on your website daily.

3. Tags – As Google owns YouTube, you can be rest assured that trying to fake tags to get a better search result will be futile. Use tags that are true to the content of your video and you will show up in YouTube and Google search engine results. Viewers of YouTube can be quite fickle and if your video is depicted as something other than what you say it is, you could have the video removed and/or account suspended. And don’t forget to include the name of your business in the tags.

4. Embed – The ability to embed videos into website pages is where a large portion of the marketing power your videos will have. When you share a video, you are given the option to “Embed” the video into websites. YouTube will generate the coding you’ll need and all you have to do is copy and paste the code into the page you want the video displayed in. This lets you create videos for YouTube and your website in order to broaden your target audience. As these videos can be of any size, you can easily fit them into any nook and cranny you have on your site available to broadcast your business functions.

5. Sharing – There is nothing wrong with marketing your own videos on the social media accounts of your business. YouTube videos can easily be shared among the most popular media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Simply visit your video on YouTube and click the “Share this video” link. You can expand the list of sharing website by clicking the small left arrow in order to select your preferred social site. This can provide further coverage to those who follow your business on such sites.

According to an infograph at www.jeffbullas.com, YouTube was the third most visited website in 2012. It also makes up for 10-percent of Internet traffic, meaning one out of ten people who get online open a YouTube page at some point. As YouTube is free to use, this is a cost effective solution to further promote your business niche. Take advantage of using YouTube to assist in marketing your business and you could develop a customer base you never realized.