Why You Should Automate Employee Workflows

| June 9, 2020

Why You Should Automate Employee Workflows

Planning a strong workflow strategy is key in business to make sure that tasks are completed properly and goals are achieved. During this process, targets must be determined and mapping out a step-by-step journey from start to finish is necessary. You must select the right team for the job and allocate individuals to take charge of the various aspects of the task in hand. 

This is something anyone in a leadership role can do, but by turning to automated workflow systems, you could be saving yourself a lot of time and improve the overall experience. Here are some ways in which automating your employee workflows can be hugely beneficial. 


It’s easy to lose a lot of time focusing on manually creating documents, chasing down files, etc. By switching to an automated workflow system, you will have access to document templates that you can tweak to your requirements, rather than staff spending minutes to hours creating these themselves. It is also much easier to share and locate files on an automated system and this ease of access is also a great time-saving benefit. All these things allow your staff to spend more time on the bigger tasks at hand that are more important to achieving company goals, rather than administrative tasks. 

Better Communication

A team needs to be able to communicate with each other to complete jobs properly. However, it’s easy for miscommunication to happen, via lost emails, word of mouth, and general human error. These issues can be resolved but they can also set a target deadline back and create a bigger workload for your team. Automated workflows allow teams to communicate more effectively with each other, as well as with those in leadership roles. They can also provide reminders to staff about tasks that need to be completed and give them access to key dates in the company calendar and deadlines. XCD is a good example of ERM software vendors, which will help to automate your employee workflows. 


Many offices rely on print-outs and hard copies of files and documents. While it is understandable that companies would want these, the reality is that it is an unnecessary waste of paper in the digital age, and not the most environmentally friendly route to take. 

Also, the task of printing out and sourcing these hard copy files is another task that takes up time. Automated systems make it easier for teams to share essential documents, files, etc., with each other in a few clicks and they can be altered as necessary via these portals. You could vastly reduce paper wastage in your office by switching to an automated workflow system and save your staff time. 

Better CRM

Finally, you could improve the customer experience by keeping communications with them simple, too. As the communication between your team is improved overall using an automated system, naturally this has a positive effect on client relationships, too. They can provide an overview of each communication between client and company, avoiding repeated correspondence and confusion. It can also help you get a better insight into client needs and help future marketing strategies. 

Switching to an automated workflow system has numerous benefits. To increase productivity and efficiency in your teams, make the change now.