What’s Included in a Full Lawn Care Service?

| October 12, 2015

What’s Included in a Full Lawn Care Service?

Everyone who has a lawn wants it to look lush, healthy, and green. They don’t want any brown patches, uprooted grass, or dead grass. They want a surface that’s mowed properly and has grass of even height. However, all that isn’t easy to achieve. A lawn requires diligent care and maintenance that today’s busy home or business owner just doesn’t have time for.

The best way to ensure that your lawn keeps looking beautiful is to hire a professional lawn care service. But what’s included in this service?

Mowing and Edging 

This is the most basic lawn care service that companies offer. They’ll regularly and carefully mow your lawn. They usually maintain 3 to 4 inches of grass height when they mow and let the clippings fall to the ground. The clippings will eventually break down and create a favourable environment for microbes. They’ll also carefully edge the grass near the hardscapes and fixtures to ensure that they’re of even height too.


Lawn experts will check the moisture level of the soil in your lawn whenever possible. Too much moisture or too little, can damage the grass. They’ll check to see if there’s sufficient amount of water in the soil. If not, they’ll recommend adjustments to your sprinkler system.


Fertilizing is important to maintain the overall health of the grass. Most companies will fertilize your lawn about seven times in a year and use different treatments every time. Fertilization promotes the growth of healthy and thick grass that can deter pests and be resistant to disease.


Over time the soil can compact and this discourages growth. Aeration prevents that. The experts will simply make holes in the soil using an aeration machine. This doesn’t disturb the existing grass growth, but it’ll loosen the soil and break down the thatch build-up.


Grass requires a certain level of pH balance in the soil to grow healthily. Most lawn care companies will add lime to your soil every year to maintain the pH balance of about 6.5 to 7. This will ensure that your grass grows well.

Weed Control 

Most maintenance companies will apply weed control before weeds emerge and after they do. If the first treatment isn’t successful, they apply the post-emergent control. Usually healthy, thriving grass is enough to keep weeds away but most companies will apply control methods if necessary.


This is essential to ensure that your lawns remain in good health during the winter. Most lawn care services in Canada offer thorough winterization. They add winter-specific fertilizers that encourage grass to develop deeper roots. They ensure that the water is completely blown out from your irrigation systems. This will stop the pipes from bursting during winter.

Along with these services, the lawn care companies will also offer overseeding, dethatching, disease and pest control, and compost application.

There’s a lot of effort that goes into keeping your lawn green and healthy. If you want to hire a reliable lawn care and maintenance company, start looking by browsing through the Hotfrog Canada’s Lawn Care and Maintenance page. You’re sure to find someone that addresses your needs here.