How Guest Posting helps Your Brand Grow

| January 15, 2016

How Guest Posting helps Your Brand Grow

If you haven’t heard of guest posting yet, you should Google it immediately. It’s one of the most effective ways to earn authority online. Many bloggers and influencers use it as a way to prove their skills and gain audience for their blog. You’ll find several publications online that offer the allow business owners, bloggers, and other such professionals to post their content.

There have been many who have generated better business for their company with guest posts. There are three basic rules to need to follow when you’re posting content as a guest:

  • Make sure that the content is excellent, that the topic is current and expresses your authority on the subject as well.
  • Read the guest posting rules of the website you’ll post on. If you’re in violation of any of those rules, you might be barred from it. Different websites also have different demographics that you might want to keep in mind.
  • Ensure that your readers can follow you back to your website. Mention your company and your name in the guest post without being overly promotional. That would allow your readers to find more content written by you.

Now, you might wonder why you should spend so much time and effort posting on other websites when you can post well researched content on your own website. There are several reasons behind that. Here are some advantages of guest posting.

Direct Links or Referrals

If you’re reading an interesting and well written piece of content and find a hyperlink that leads to an article that elaborates on the topic, you’ll most likely click that link. That link might take you directly to the author’s blog, which brings organic traffic to your website. In essence, you’re bringing traffic directly to your website with engaging content posted elsewhere. This is as good as posting it on your website.

Organic Inbound Links and Search Traffic

Guest posting has a positive impact on your SEO efforts as well. If you regularly guest post high quality content, well researched content, and publish them on high authority websites, your reputation will be affected by it. With good inbound links and great content, you’ll increase your search rankings and develop brand trust. Overall, it’ll have a good impact on your business.

Social Media Traffic

Great articles have a tendency to get shared on social media. For example, if you write a thorough article about a new piece of technology, tech enthusiasts will most likely share it with like-minded people on social media. This can increase social recognition as interested people will be more interested in your content. This is especially true if you post good articles on a regular basis. Readers might start following you on Twitter, Facebook, and other such platforms.

The overall effect is an increase in brand recognition, a growth in personal brand, more exposure to your company website and blog. You can never underestimate the power of organic traffic. All of these benefits only require some dedication and effort from you and no money at all.