Keeping your business “small”: Is it a good idea?

| August 25, 2015

Keeping your business “small”: Is it a good idea?

Humans are built to appreciate things that are big. It is in our biology. For that reason it only seems natural that a small business should always be on the road to expansion. But is it a good thing to aim for big all the time?

Staying ‘’small’’ is not about fear

Some businesses thrive simply because they are small. Take small family-owned and operated businesses. They do so well because they are run by members of the same family. They have a simple, trusting team of dedicated employees completely aligned in terms of vision and values, and with unquestioning loyalty to the business they work for. This is the kind of thing that large cooporations can only dream about.

Whether it ‘s a house painting business or a web designing one, keeping it small can be a way of doing well. Not everyone is destined to or even wants to grow into a big corporation with hundreds of employees. So saying that any business which does not have big plans to expand is scared is wrong.

Keeping it within the family

Another reason why many small business owners want to stay small is because family members are involved. They don’t want the operation to pass on to non-family members for a variety of reasons.

Thinking of small stores run by older couples. They are happy with what they are doing and they want to continue doing it their way as long as they live. Why should they think of growing big? No reason.

Outsourcing can be a pain

The truth is that a huge number of companies survive because they have been able to do a great job of outsourcing. Having said that, outsourcing is hardly for everyone.

If you are a web designing business who is getting a large number of clients, outsourcing some of the projects can be a great idea. But it also means that you have to be constantly on your toes to make sure that the work that your outsourced employees are doing is top-notch.

This is important because the completed work you will be sending to your clients will go by your name. Your business is on the line. It is up to you to make sure that quality work is being done every step of the way. Sub-contracting too has the same problems. Quality needs to be maintained at all times.

Doing it your way: Doing it ‘’small’’

The truth is that if you feel that your business is running smoothly and you want to be small, it’s okay. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Expanding your business when your mind is just not into it is not a good idea.

The idea with start-ups is to do something you love. So don’t be afraid of doing it your own way.