Business Owners – How to Find the Right Recruiter

| October 12, 2015

Business Owners – How to Find the Right Recruiter

Whether you own a small business or a big corporation, you must be aware of just how important employees are for your success. They’re the heart and soul of your company and if they work efficiently, your company is running smoothly. Naturally, it’s vital to hire the right employees. However, not everyone has the skill or the patience to look for the right person for the job.

This is where recruiters can help you, but you need to find the right recruiter first. Here are some tips on finding the best recruiter for your company.

Decide What you Need

You need to decide exactly when you and your company needs. The recruiter would find the right candidate based on your specifications, after all. You need to shortlist your requirements that will act as a guideline that your recruiter can follow. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a short term or a long term employee?
  • Which positions do you need to fill?
  • What level of experience do you require for every post?
  • Would you be willing to accept fresh college graduates?
  • Is your business local or based in several cities?
  • Can your employees work remotely?

By giving this and several other pieces of information, you give your recruiter very specific guidelines. This will help them find the ideal candidate.


After you have listed down all possible requirements, you need to start looking for a recruitment agency. Today, no business is immune to online reviews so you can check the reputation of all local agencies. Most businesses would also have a website so you can check them as well. A brief research online will allow you to shortlist potential recruiters.

Meet the Recruiters

The next step is to meet the recruiters and discuss your requirements with them. A good recruiter would ask for as much background information as possible. They won’t just ask questions about the positions you need to fill and your requirements. They’ll also have questions about the following points:

  • Your company culture
  • Company history and growth
  • Future goals and aspirations
  • The incentives and salary packages you offer

This information allows them to pick candidates that would happily work in your company. They’ll listen to everything you have to say and find out what your priorities are. Once you’re convinced that you have the right person, you can engage their services and just sit back.


Recruiters will look for candidates in all available avenues, including online job sites. If you’ve picked the right and experienced recruiter, you can fully expect them to have a comprehensive database of potential candidates as well. Once they’ve a list of candidates, the interview process begins. You might want to participate in this process.

It’s important to hire the right people for your business to succeed and sometimes, it’s a good idea to get a professional recruiter’s help. If you want to hire a good and reliable recruiter, start looking by browsing through Hotfrog New Zealand’s Recruitment page. You’re sure to find someone that addresses your needs here.