Personal characteristics every small business owner should have

| August 25, 2015

Personal characteristics every small business owner should have

Making it in the world of small businesses isn’t easy. Your idea needs to be right; your timing needs to be sound and you need to have other practical considerations like finance and plans in place.

However, other than these vital aspects, there’s another important factor that contributes to the success of your business: You!  There are certain tendencies that successful entrepreneurs have that play a vital role in the success of their small business venture.

Passion and Vision

This is essentially a no-brainer. Too much work and effort goes into starting and maintaining a small business for the owner to not be passionate about their venture.

Most thriving business owners are 100% invested in their product or service. They truly believe in the effectiveness and the usefulness of what they offer and want their customers to take advantage of it.

Great business owners have a clear vision about their business and a strong belief in their ethics and culture. They define a path for their business to take from the initial stages.


While being a small business owner is liberating in its own way, it also comes with many responsibilities. The most thriving entrepreneurs were those who’re aware of these responsibilities. They know they have the livelihood of their employees depending on them, they’re aware that if they’re not responsible, their business won’t run smoothly.

The entrepreneurs who make it are those who possess not only a strong sense of personal responsibility, but also a strong sense of social responsibility. Most successful small business owners believe in giving back, in helping the society in some way or the other.

Work and Personal life interconnected

People in the corporate grind generally leave their work behind in the office unless absolutely necessary. But in the case of flourishing entrepreneurs, their business becomes a part of their life.

In a way, their work is strongly influenced by their personal life and the inspirations they get from their friends and family. Their work also influences they personal life, changing the way they handle their social commitments and vacations.

It is not always a healthy co-dependency. There are entrepreneurs who let their work take over their life completely and that’s not something you should encourage in yourself. However, in the case of most successful business owners, a large percentage of their personal life and wealth is invested in their enterprise. Their business ultimately becomes their legacy.

Keenly aware of their physical, mental and financial well being

When you’re at the helm of a small business, much depends on your own wellbeing. Entrepreneurs who’re successful are very much aware of this. They work harder to maintain good health in themselves and their families. There are quite a few who would sacrifice their health for their careers, but a clear majority is focused on maintaining good health.

They’re also keenly aware of how much financial security matters. They generally have back-up plans in place to ensure that they aren’t left adrift if they business suddenly collapses. These characteristics have a major influence on just how much growth a small business can achieve. The enterprise, in such cases, depends largely on the character of the entrepreneur.