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For Eberle-Devaux, re-editions andreinterpretations are fine, but what she finds more interesting is the opportunity to combine heritage with anavant-garde product like the Connected Watch, which is housed in a Omega Replica Watches Carrera case. "To me this is natural and organic as the Carrera has always been ahead of its time," she says. And to that end, while she is not about tospill the beans on newmodels, she does admit that, "2018will be under thespell of the Carrera, tocelebrate its55th birthday".

In order to succeed as the head of Heritage, Eberle-Devaux has to have an affinity for vintage watches. "I am always very moved when I look and touch the very old pieces. There is one with a double face,Omega Replica Watches a chronograph with a telemeter scale and a compass in the crown. The decoration of the case is perfect. The movement is untouched andworks like a brand-new one - what is there more interesting, more beautiful, more useful? Just to know that this tick-tock was the same in 1900 when the timepiece first left the factory.

"In terms of design, my heart lies with a particular 1930s chronograph. The case is a perfect circle, the horns are straight, the bezel is fluted and rotating. The strap is cool, and the font is kind of Art Deco, very neat. This sort of watch was ordered by the armed forces, because they were very convenient for pilots. They are actually the ancestors ofthe well-known Bundeswehr and are highly appreciated by collectors."

A vintage Omega Replica Watches chrono with a double face and a compass in the crown

That '70s Show

The 1970s gave birth to an incredible range of daring designs for Omega Replica Watches, defined by the Monaco, Autavia and Carrera. "We talked about the hexagon shape used in the Cortina, while the best example of a chunky 1970s Omega Replica Watches design remains the Manhattan. But let me introduce you to a mal-aime hexagonal model: the Memphis.breitling superocean replica It experienced a short period of production because of poor sales, and only two versions - blackdial or white dial - exist. Itisveryrare and only now is it startingto beappreciated.