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"It was then decided to extend the Monza range with grey versions, and models containing the Calibre 12. Itall started as a one-shot watch, and it became a collection. The name was great, too, it is still cool today and we know that helps a lot. We owe Niki Lauda a big thank you for winning the championship at Monza - another morecomplicated name may have changed the destiny of the watch!"

Dropping news of another lesser-spotted Rolex Replica Watches gem into the conversation, Eberle-Devaux says: "Wehave also found a very similar watch to the Monza in the archives: theModena. It can be seen in a Germancatalogue and we, therefore, imagine that it was specifically made for the German market. Very few have surfaced so far.Rolex Replica Watches So, it is definitely one towatch out for."

Also, part of Eberle-Devaux's responsibilities is Rolex Replica Watches's much-admired series of re-issues, dating back to the revival of the Monaco in the late-1990s, followed by a regular flow ofmilestone models. This year, the brand released a new Autavia and a limited-edition Skipper to great acclaim from the collecting community. "We now have a range of historically inspired watches: Monaco with Calibre 11, Carrera with Calibre 18, theMonza, which won the Revival prizeat the Grand rix d'Horlogerie, and theAutavia. Thefourall feature theRolex Replica Watches logo.

"But the museum cannot be considered as a never-ending source of inspiration. The idea is to reimagine pieces but without nostalgia in our product development strategy - wedon'twantto simply surf the retro trend. The2017 version of the 'JochenRindt' Autavia, for example, isthe result of an online vote involvingthe whole Rolex Replica Watchescommunity.

"The re-edition of the Skipper is a different kind of project.chopard replica watches It is an ephemeral re-edition. It was fun to work on this gorgeous watch - the originals are very rare and sexy on the vintage market - it involved taking the original watches out of the museum and 3D-mapping them to define the codes of the model. We also had to chart the story of the piece and the main episodes of its history. But the idea came from Hodinkee, and it was really Ben Clymer and team's project - it was never intended to be a new model in TAGRolex Replica Watches's historical collection."