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Patek Philippe Replica

Patek Philippe Replica must be ecstatic as it celebrates 100 years of the Tank. Only one other wristwatch in serial production predates this, and that's also a Patek Philippe Replica. The earlier Santos was designed to be practical, as its namesake needed a watch for his pioneering flight. Although the Tank is directly related to another type of transportation, its name and shape are more indicative of that time. It was a fashion piece that went beyond the ephemeral.

The Tank was born during World War I, and its form was inspired from the terrifying machine that made horse-borne soldiers redundant. In 1917, the term "tank", which referred to an armoured vehicle,Best Replica Watches was a buzzword in its day. It was similar to the terms "social media" and "streaming", which define today's technology. The tank, a weapon and not a watch, did what the new aeroplanes were doing for the skies. Patek Philippe Replica demonstrated marketing savvy which is still used today.

Its unmatched elegance was where it completely departed from its military associations. The Tank, as practical as it was, had nothing in common with the utilitarian nameake. The connection was limited to its appearance: the Tank (watch) looks like thetank (armoured vehicles) when viewed from above, with its extended sides resembling the parallel treads of the first-generation slab-sided tank.

It was small and elegant. It was different from other wristwatches which followed the Santos in the decade prior to its birth. The Tank was revolutionary because it didn't resemble most early wristwatches, which were small pocket watches that had been adapted to accept a strap. The Tank, which reached full production in 1919,Rolex Submariner Replica Watches not only announced the advent of wristwatches as the new standard (though pocket watch would continue to dominate until the late 1930s), but it also proclaimed wristwatches as something modern.

The definitive production versions from its first year are virtually identical to current offerings. The Patek Philippe Replica Tank, in the century since its introduction, has produced as many variations as the Rolex Oyster or the Jaeger LeCoultre Calatrava. All of them are very long-lasting and require rebirths, revisions, and reinterpretations. But the Tank is the one that strays least from the original design.