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Two versions of the hexagonal Memphis in black and white dial

"There are also the two forgotten classics from the 1970s - Verona and Jarama, which were forerunners of the bi-colour steel-and-gold trend. Verona is in a classic and elegant case,Replica Tag Heuer Watches while Jarama is showier with a thick golden bezel. Both pieces are becoming more and more sought-after nowadays."

The Replica Tag Heuer Watches Verona

Three variations of the Jarama

Eberle-Devaux acknowledges that vintage Replica Tag Heuer Watches is an area that has been growing in popularity for some time. "The vintage models are cool, they haveiconic names,rolex day date replica they are colourful and distinctive," she says. "Auction houses set the tone, they present more watches, identify more details and hence get better prices. They have understood the potential of Replica Tag Heuer Watches and promoted it as a good alternative to other blockbuster watches.

"To me the vintage market is a key performance indicator that helps me to check if I am doing my job correctly. Apart from that, we do not interfere withthe pre-owned arena - we leave it to the collectors, auction houses anddealers."